Ingest Failovers

We implemented multiple DNS level failover locations for all our ingest points, your streams are safe with us now. If one of our ingests fails you will be routed to our failover server and the stream will continue without any issues, and this feature is available for all our users.

Youtube API Integration Fix

We faced some issues with our Youtube API integration, and all the issues are solved now. If you still face issues then contact us via live chat.

Limiting Max RTMP Sessions

We had an open limit for RTMP PULL connection, now we made a total of 3 connections per stream. Please contact support if you need more than 3 RTMP pull connections.

Live To VOD Recording Deletion

Users can now delete recordings on-demand from the Dashboard, we use to keep all the recordings as an archive but now users can delete it on demand.

Subscription Cancellation From Dashboard

We have pushed an update and now you can cancel your castr subscriptions from the your billing page.

Youtube Events Integration

We have integrated Youtube Events with Castr, now you can link your youtube and link youtube events directly from Castr Dashboard.

Happy Streaming 🎉

Live To VOD MP4 Download

Users can now download recorded MP4 files after each live stream is ended. Users have the flexibility to use our embedded player for recorded contents or they can download the MP4 and upload it to other video hosting solutions.

Castr API Documentation

After many requests our API documentation is now live, you can now build apps on top of Castr API.

Check our API documentation at -

If you have any questions the reach out to us and we will be happy to help out.

Singapore Infrastruture Upgrade

We have upgraded our Singapore ingest location to provide better routes and latencies for the customers in Asia Pacific region.

Domain Whitelisting In Player Embeds

You can whitelist specific domains in live stream player, so no one else can embed the player in other domains.